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You can



you have to say something that makes people want to listen.

Inside Luminous, you will create...

It all begins with Potent Positioning™ - the unique point of view which fuels your sales, messaging and visibility, so you become a beacon in the crowded market.

Crafting potent positioning is how you can create ripples in your industry - and resonance with your favourite clients, even if you have a small audience.

It's how you will make your most brilliant contribution to your industry, and create a business that burns bright for years to come.

a sales ecosystem
THAT fuels your business growth

THAT FUELS your industry leadership


 the portal

a saleS ecosystem
that fuels your
business growth

Curate a simple Offers Stack that gets you known for your client results (and noticed in your industry) 

Create a Sales Ecosystem so new clients flow into your world, and your favourite clients become repeat clients 


Grow your recurring revenue, so you can live your life feeling
peaceful and cared for by your business

messaging that
FUELS your industry leadership

The Messaging PRISM - create ethical urgency, so more people buy today (not "next time") - without hype, FOMO or the high-pressure tactics you refuse to use

Curate your Potent Positioning Playbook - your bespoke messaging bible. So you never start from a blank page again... and every sales page, email and piece of content you write will be unmistakably yours.

Potent Positioning - the big idea that gets you known as the obvious choice in your industry (so you grow a big reputation, even with a small audience)


grow your visibility Beyond social media

The Infinity Method - the sustainable way to light up your visibility (and grow your email list) using a combination of your own platform, and other people's

Stack Your Visibility - so you make the most of every visibility opportunity, and lead with generosity

Grow your visibility beyond social media - whether it's starting (or growing) your own podcast, creating a podcast tour, speaking on industry stages or leaning into strategic collaborations, we'll find a way to grow your visibility that's a perfect match for you and your audience, beyond social media


as you wrap up your time inside luminous

here's what you can expect...

You've created the positioning and messaging that will fuel your next phase of business 

You embody the kind of confidence and congruence your people can feel

You're fully, spaciously booked - or on your way towards it (depending how established your offer and audience are - if you're pivoting, this may take longer)

Every piece of your messaging (your sales pages, content, and podcast episodes) grows your reputation, and fills your offers

You feel rejuvenated - and back in love with your business

You're growing your recurring revenue so you can take spontaneous trips, dive into new creative projects, and switch off at the end of every day knowing your business is taking care of you 

Inside Luminous, we focus on longevity -
so your business keeps burning bright
for years to come.

i want that


Step into more

your next 6 months will include:

Group Coaching

The group calls are a combination of live teaching and live coaching. They're designed to meet you in the moment, and give you personalised support to create sustainable momentum.

We have 3 calls each month (with replays). You don't have to come to every call - but most people do!


the features

Private Coaching

Each month, you'll have dedicated 1:1 time with Natalie to develop your positioning, craft your messaging, hone your sales strategy and glow up every nook and cranny of your business. 

You don't have to choose between group and 1:1 support - inside Luminous, you'll receive the best of both.


Copy Critiques

Get my eyes (and edits) on your
sales copy.

Personalised copy critiques of your sales pages, emails, podcast episodes, workshop/webinar outlines...  so you become your own best copywriter.

(Copy Critiques are a client favourite!)


community space

A private community space (not on FB) to grow your network, and receive in the moment support
between calls.

The people I bring together often become collaborators, referral partners, and friends.



Everything you need (and nothing you don't) to
unlock your fully expressed, fully booked business.

like queer eye for your copy

An on-demand portal

A portal with the trainings and resources to guide and support you every step of the way as you create the sales, messaging and visibility that will fuel your
expressed, fully booked business. 

We have 3 group calls each month, so you can decide to come to them all, or drop in to one or two and keep things moving. 

All calls are recorded and replays are added to the portal, you'll receive daily support inside the community space, and you have dedicated 1:1 time with me every month.

 Yes, if you resonate with what you've read so far, and you're willing to show up and do the work.

I can't guarantee revenue outcomes (no one can!), but I can guarantee that you'll develop the positioning, messaging and visibility that will fuel the growth of your fully expressed, fully booked business.

will this work for me?

No, but you do need to have established expertise, and be working with clients. (Most people are at $50-100k annual revenue.) If you're curious whether Luminous is a good fit for you, get in touch below, and let's chat.

is there a required revenue level to join?

Enrollment is currently closed.

Please join the waitlist to be first to know when Luminous re-opens, and for 1:1 coaching opportunities.

what are the dates?


what if i can't make all the calls?

unlock your
fully expressed,
fully booked business.

it's your time

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