A 4 month group experience for coaches & creatives ready to move beyond best kept secret status, and into industry leadership.

the speakeasy

Be known as an industry leader and create a predictable & plentiful flow of high-calibre clients by guesting on bigger podcasts.

go on a podcast tour that 
turns your message into a


The group program for best kept secret coaches
& creatives
ready to turn their message into a movement,
and create a plentiful flow of clients by speaking on podcasts.

I'll help you lead a movement,
not just grow an audience.

In 2024, buyers are more discerning than ever - and that's a good thing.
Your future clients don't need more "time" or "nurturing" - they need to know they can trust you.

Being "visible", and growing an audience is no longer enough.
Your future clients are looking to you for leadership.

You'll create a Podcast Tour that creates deep connection with your "this is what I've been looking for" leads.

And you'll develop Brand Energy that
invites collaborations and calls in a new calibre of clients. 

inside the speakeasy

Your clients rave about working with you, and you have the results (and the referrals) to prove it.


you feel vulnerable AF relying on the referrals rollercoaster, and you're beyond ready for a lead generation system you can rely on

you've spoken on a few podcasts but haven't seen the
business growth you wanted

you have a secret wish list of podcasts you'd love to guest on, but you struggle to send pitches because you're scared you'll be ignored

you're in an on/off relationship with the ‘gram (or Tik Tok) and you’re looking for a more peaceful way to grow your visibility

you have a powerful message to share, but you feel like you're shouting into the void... or maybe even adding to the noise in your industry 

It's time to carve out your corner of the industry, and create the impact (and the clients) you crave.

JOIn the

You'll craft the speaker topics, angles and stories that will take you from good to hosts' most downloaded
(and in demand) guest.

You'll learn how to find (and get booked on) the podcasts your future clients are listening to. 

And you'll take listeners from strangers to "this is what I've been looking for" leads who are leaning in and
wanting more.

If "speak on podcasts" is your entire Podcast Tour strategy, you're missing essential pieces to turn your visibility into business growth.

You'll develop sales angles that will energise your offers, and create a plentiful flow of clients (without being salesy in your interviews).

the speakeasy
will help you



speak with confidence & charisma

generate high quality leads, peacefully & repeatably

squeeze the juice out of every visibility opportunity


You might not know me (yet), but you know my clients - they’ve been featured on your favourite industry-leading podcasts, on BBC Woman's Hour and in The Guardian.

Before I was speaking on podcasts (and becoming your new behind-the-scenes wing woman), I was director of partnerships for a non-profit - where I was quoted in the New York Times and interviewed on national breakfast radio (my first taste of building a brand in my pyjamas!).

I’ve helped almost 100 entrepreneurs grow their business by speaking on podcasts - coaches, copywriters, consultants, designers, FB ads strategists, Online Business Managers, authors, stylists, therapists, yoga teachers…

I’d love to become your best kept secret - as you carve out your corner of your industry, spark your movement and create the impact (and the clients) you crave.

Let me pass you the mic (and a Speakeasy signature martini?)

your podcast tour strategist & message mixologist

You might know my clients from...

the portal

your signature speaker topics

  • Craft your Signature Speaker Topics and unique angles
  • Uncover the stories that share your one-of-a-kind concepts & expertise
  • Speak with spark and spontaneity, so you become a memorable and in-demand guest

your podcast tour

  • How to pitch (the 7 elements of an easy YES pitch)
  • Get booked without pitching
  • a simple, repeatable process for finding the podcasts your future clients are listening to

(A tall drink of change)

  • Craft compelling sales angles - so you become Offers Famous, and your visibility creates buyers - not just cheerleaders
  • Upgrade your sales page and sales emails using the Sales Message Mixology™ method - so every word you write sells
  • Weave your episodes into your launch and evergreen emails - elevating your brand presence, and inviting deeper connection

(Shaken, not stirred) 





your movement

unlocks after you've spoken on 3 podcasts

You can be on your Podcast Tour (with a message that becomes a movement) in the next 30 days.

Your clients & community will feel your glow up.

Speaking on podcasts is now a core way
I call in new clients.

Since joining the Speakeasy, I've pitched (and had a YES for) 10 podcasts! I've guested on the #1 autistic podcast in the UK, which brought me a lot of new followers and client inquiries.

I'm a podcast host, so I know the power and reach of guesting. But, I'm autistic and a bit shy, and I would get so in my head about the idea of pitching that I just never "got around to it." I wanted it to be a cornerstone of my marketing, but wasn't sure how to get started! 

Natalie's coaching is gentle and direct. Her depth of knowledge has helped me make speaking on podcasts a core way I call in new clients. I know how to pitch, and I’m confident in my message.


Since being a guest on a perfect fit podcast, I've been asked to speak in numerous paid groups and offered additional guesting opportunities.

I was so sick of feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up on social media, and
I wanted a more relaxed way of sharing my work with the world.

Podcast guesting seemed like the perfect fit, but when I tried to come up with a strategy for finding great fit shows, successfully pitching myself and following-up, not only did I feel even more overwhelmed, but I realized there were a lot of messaging pieces to my marketing plan that were missing.

The course content helped me answer all the podcast guesting questions I had (and some I didn't realize I needed help with), and Natalie helped me fix my messaging issues during just one live coaching call. Working with Natalie was been hands down the best business investment I've ever made, and I've made a lot!

Since being a guest on a perfect fit podcast, I've been asked to speak in numerous paid groups and offered additional guesting opportunities. And, my favorite part about that is that I have zero fear about saying "yes" to all of them, because I know I'm well prepared for speaking and giving so much value.

I'm most proud of the crystal clear messaging Natalie helped me hone during our work together in the Speakeasy. It's created a rock-solid foundation for my business, and the skill of crafting it is one that I'll carry with me through my lifetime as an entrepreneur.

master hypnotherapist

Group Coaching

Group Coaching calls designed to give you the strategy & mindset support you need yo keep moving as you book out your Podcast Tour.

We have 2 calls each month (with replays). 

My clients are often blown away by how deeply I get to know you and your business - this is a proudly generic-advice-free zone!


the features


Copy Critiques

Get my eyes (and edits) on your
Sales Angles, pitches, bio,
sales page and emails.

Personalised copy critiques to energise every word. Like Queer Eye for your copy.

(Copy Critiques are a client favourite!)


A simple, curated portal with the trainings and resources to guide and support you every step of the way as you go on a Podcast Tour that turns your message into a movement.

On-demand portal

Movement Makers HQ

A private Community Space (not on FB) to grow your network, and receive in the moment support between calls.

The people I bring together often become collaborators, referral partners, and friends.



Everything you need (and nothing you don't) to
create a Podcast Tour that turns your message into a movement and
creates the impact (and the clients) you crave.

16 weeks of live support

16 weeks of live support

I sent my first-ever cold pitch to "podcast royalty" Tara McMullin, and got a yes right away! 

I've created a short and long bio that make me sound like such a badass in my industry, and I have core conversation topics that help me stay focused when I'm looking for podcasts to pitch.

Using what I learned in the Speakeasy, I sent my first-ever cold pitch to "podcast royalty" Tara McMullin, and got a yes right away! That gave me the confidence to pitch other shows, and it also showed me how I can tailor my core conversation topics to the themes, format, and angle of each individual podcast.

My bios are the best—I use them now on my website, at the bottom of pretty much every page. I've used them to inform my social media bios as well. Whenever I hear a podcast host read my mini bio on the air I think, "Damn, I sound so badass and interesting. 😆"

positioning strategist & copywriter

join the guestlist


6 monthly payments of

cash flow friendly


join the guestlist

receive a pay in full bonus

pay in full bonus

A 45 minute private Message Mixology Call, where we dive deep into your Signature Speaking Topics, or your Podcast Tour Profit Pathway.


One payment of

I'm 5 podcasts into
my tour!

I loved creating my Manifesto Message and Core Conversation topics. I was able to use the same messaging in my social media content making it easier to create content.

The Speakeasy gave me the courage, knowledge and skill to find the most aligned podcasts and effectively pitch myself to my ideal audience.

Natalie is extremely knowledgeable about what is required to find amazing podcasts and be an excellent guest. She is honest and forthright with her feedback because she wants to see you win!

For me, Natalie's the perfect balance of guiding and leading as a coach. She pulls the right information out of you and then uses your words and aspirations to provide you with a clear roadmap. The way she helped to me craft my message was A1.


Podcast Guesting has strengthened my Thought Leadership.

For me, joining The Speakeasy was about creating clarity, and learning how to craft meaningful conversations that would connect me with like-spirited colleagues and potential coaching clients.

I've learned how to pitch and prep for interviews, but the key takeaway is my renewed messaging - the confidence it brings and the presence it creates.

leadership coach & author

My very first pitch after joining the Speakeasy was accepted for Mom and Mind podcast, a very popular show in my field of maternal mental health, and that one opportunity led to being invited on two other podcasts (that's right - THEY pitched ME!)

My confidence has grown exponentially. As a highly sensitive introvert, Natalie's warm and empathic approach aligns perfectly with my need to manage how I use my time and energy.

I don't often get to attend the live coaching calls, but the course along with even a little face time with Natalie changed the game completely for me.

perinatal therapist

My first guest episode led to me being invited onto two more podcasts

Meet the Movement Makers

We have 2 group calls each month, so you can decide to come to them all, or drop in to one or two and keep things moving. 

Calls are recorded and replays are added to the portal, you'll receive support inside the community space, and you'll receive personalised copy critiques.

We have plenty of clients who don't come to the calls, but use the other support on offer and are rocking their Podcast Tour.

No, but you need to have established expertise, and be working with clients. 

is there a required revenue level to join?

Enrollment opens on 20th March, with an exclusive guestlist-only bonus for the first 48 hours.

You'll receive access to the portal on 2nd April.

Group Coaching Calls are the first and third Tuesdays of each month, 11am EST.

what are the dates?


what if i can't make all the calls?

Your 2024 Podcast Tour starts here.

you ready?

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